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For those who are just starting to introduce their business online, but have limited budget, they might want to try the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. The crucial point to dominate natural or organic SEO is to convince search engines that the content on the website has the most relevance to the entered keyword while doing a search. Search engines always change how they decide what kind of content is the most relevant, and it is somewhat a tough job not to fall behind.

The following are some of the tools to help conquer organic Search Engine Optimization:

Using Effective Keywords – Google has a free keyword tool to know the effective keywords for the kind of business the website is for. Create a list of keywords related to the website and to utilize this technique completely, the keywords must be properly positioned by having a certain page on the website for every keyword phrase. Before optimizing the website, the web developer or the business owner must know what their customers need. This way, they can use keywords that are more effective on the website. They can mix relevant keywords to satisfy Google and get a high ranking.

Choosing a Domain Name – It is important that the main keyword is included in the domain name. This could make a big difference in the search engine positioning the website will attain. To maximize organic SEO, limit the domain name to less than 25 characters and as much as possible, use “.com” as the top-level domain.

On-page Intelligence – In terms of the design of the website, on-page intelligence means the features of the website that can be controlled and changed any time. The most important feature of web design is the application of a title tag. This tells any web browser about the name of every web page and it will define the title of the listing in Google. The title tag is inserted in the HTML coding of the website.

Site Mapping Methods – This is quite like the blueprint of the whole website. The site map must be conveniently available for the search engines. The search engine crawlers are fond of site maps since they could easily see how the website is developed. The website will be indexed a lot quicker because of site mapping. The most well-known free site mapping tool is “xml-sitemaps”, which can create a site map in just minutes.

Off-page Intelligence – An organic SEO program must not leave out off-page intelligence. Search engines will consider the website as an authority if it has more incoming links to it. However, be cautious not to get too much incoming links very quickly because this may not seem real to search engines. The best approach is to build incoming links to the website through a natural period of time. Some of the more well-known techniques are writing articles, forums, exchanging links to other people, and link directories.

Competitive Intelligence – An easy way to succeed online is just to follow what others do well online. Discover the top competitors by doing a Google search to see the highest page rankings and keep watch on the kinds of organic SEO they are focused on. Try to make link exchanges with the leading websites to improve search ranking. Moreover, search Google to find out the number of incoming links the top competitors have on their websites to have a reference point.

Organic SEO can be a huge thing to study because search engines change every day. Studying it is definitely not a short-term solution, but if the business owner continues with it, they will acquire the benefits on a long-terms basis.