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Here are a few things to take note of regarding on-site SEO:

On-site SEO or on-site search engine optimization is a way for website owners to get people to enter their sites. It involves optimizing a website in order for it to be easily detected by search engines. This is a good way to promote a site without any cost because it doesn’t involve any kind of advertisement whatsoever. It only directly involves the website itself. Back in the day, search engines only take note of the frequency of a particular keyword in a website. Thus, a lot of spam came to play and people ended up getting unreliable information even from the top results of search engines.Today, there are more rules involved especially in leading search engines in order to get the top rankings in search results. The optimization techniques that probably worked a few years back are more likely going to be less effective today. 

The keyword should be properly researched

A website’s content is no longer ranked based on the number of times a particular keyword appears. Instead, the keyword should be properly used throughout the website. So, research is important because only a well-searched keyword will actually entice visitors to stay on a website for long periods of time.Also, for best results, it is believed that the keyword should only appear at least once every one hundred words. So, don’t spam your content by putting the keyword on all paragraphs and sentences. If your content is around 1000 words in length, the keyword should only appear around 9-10 times.

The website should also be optimized:-

The website should also be optimized. The website design should also be related to the keyword. Again, it is not enough for a person to enter your website. Rankings will only be increased if they stayed on your website for more than a few seconds. Hence, it is important that a website has the related content and also looks good and professional.

People these days are very knowledgeable. Hence, they would know if you are just beating around the bush. Provide relevant data that are understandable. You don’t need to use very big words just to make your website look credible. All you have to do is provide well-researched content that your visitors need.Book a FREE call now!